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Guy Seymour


As the firm’s primary Chapter 7 attorney, Guy Seymour provides Augusta’s best counsel and representation for Chapter 7 matters and proceedings. He has...

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Angie Seymour


Angie Seymour has been practicing bankruptcy law for over 23 years. Her dedication to her clients and her knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code has helped ...

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Our Law Firm Practices Both Bankruptcy Law AND Student Loan Law

When you are dealing with complex debt issues, you need a trusted attorney to guide you.  At the Law Firm of Seymour and Associates, P.C., we have experience and experience counts.

For years you have recognized us for our expertise in bankruptcy law.  Now, as a result of the student loan crisis, our office has expanded our practice area to include student loan law. These two distinct practice areas set our office apart from the other law firms in the area.  Both areas of the law are complicated but our attorneys can help you with the either area or even both - if you need it!

We understand if you are trying to deal with student loans, credit cards, garnishments, foreclosures, payday loans and repossessions on your own, you are probably feeling overwhelmed.  Perhaps you feel as if you don't even know which way to turn.  WE CAN HELP YOU!

Whether you need a student loan lawyer or a bankruptcy lawyer or both, the attorneys at the Law Firm of Seymour and Associates, P.C. can help you with all of your debt issues.  Our fees are some of the lowest in the area and we even offer flexible payment plans. So, isn't it time to make an appointment to discuss your options?

Our clients walk in with a problem and walk out with a solution.  Wouldn't you like to feel the same relief?  If so, give us a call today at 706-868-1968 or toll free at 888-704-3644.


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