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Elderly Bankruptcy: The Effects of Adult Children Needing Financial Rescue
Elderly Bankruptcy: The Effects of Adult Children Needing Financial Rescue

When Your Retirement is Drained, What Next? Although parents want to help their children and are programed to protect and rescue them if they run into trouble, doing so can detrimental to parental finances. As more and more adult children live with their parents until later ...

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      HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) expired on December 31, 2016. But, if you missed the deadline to apply for HAMP, don't despair. Fannie Mae ...

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    • Motion to Incur Debt Vehicle Purchase

      Getting Trustee approval to purchase a new car is easy. This checklist will explain everything the Trustee needs you to provide our office. The new ...

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    • Required documents for modifications and conversions of current bankruptcy case

      Prior to scheduling an appointment to modify your Chapter 13 plan payment or convert your case to a Chapter 7, the following items must be received by ...

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    • The Truth About Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Augusta, Georgia

      It Is Essential To Know The Positive And Negative Sides Of Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Before people make big changes in their life, they ...

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    • Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy More Than Once Could Be an Option For You

      When filing for bankruptcy, some people think that it is going to be their ticket to getting rid of all of their financial problems. Chapter 13 ...

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    • Could Chapter 13 Filings Shrink as Young People Forgo Credit Cards?

      A recent article from CNN Money is giving us hope for the future of Augusta Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings . The author discusses how the number of ...

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    • Three Key Facts About Car Repossession and How Bankruptcy Can Help

      Cars are one of those big purchases that many cringe about making, but they know they need a mode of transportation to get to work, to school, or to ...

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    • Customers Lose Money After Business Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

      Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is not just for individual consumers—it is also available for failing businesses as well. Unfortunately, as great as Chapter 7 ...

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    • Augusta Bankruptcy Attorneys: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

      What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Depending on your financial situation and your ability to repay your debt, you may want to consider filing for Chapter ...

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    • Meet Our New Judge!

      We are pleased to announce the appointment of Michele J. Kim as a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for the Southern District of Georgia, effective June 23, 2017. ...

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    • How Does Bankruptcy REALLY Work?

      Many people worry about filing bankruptcy simply because they do not understand how it works. Bankruptcy is a federal court process which protects ...

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    • Augusta Homeowners Will Likely See Part Of The $50M Settlement Between Chase And The U.S. Trustee Program

      Augusta homeowners who are or were in bankruptcy may benefit from the $50 million dollar settlement entered into between JPMorgan Chase (Chase) and ...

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    • What's hurting your credit more than bankruptcy?

      There are myths that a bankruptcy filing will ruin your credit score but this is not the case. Bankruptcy is a way to clean up your credit. If you are ...

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    • Disputing your Credit Report

      If you have recently disputed items on your credit report and don’t know what to do next, let Seymour & Associates, guide you through the next steps. ...

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    • FICO Scores and Bankruptcy

      Have you ever wondered what a FICO Score was? Or how a bankruptcy filing would effect it? Seymour and Associates has all the answers you will need to ...

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    • Missed Hamp? Try the New Flex Modification!

      After the burst of the housing bubble in 2005 and the mortgage crisis in 2008, mortgage modifications have been very popular. One of the most popular ...

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    • Logan's Roadhouse, Inc. Files Bankruptcy

      As a result of approximately $416 million dollars in debt, Logan's Roadhouse, Inc., Logan’s Roadhouse of Texas, Inc. and Logan’s Roadhouse of Kansas, ...

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    • Augusta Homeowners Likely to Benefit from the JPMorgan Chase Settlement

      On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, the United States Trustee Program released a statement that it had entered into a national settlement agreement with ...

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    • Student Loan Glossary

      A Academic Year This is the amount of the academic work you must complete each year, and the time period in which you are expected to complete it, as ...

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    • Will 2017 Bring an End to the Garnishment of Social Security Checks for Unpaid Student Loans?

      Whether you are happy about the election results or not, the one thing most Americans can agree upon is a change is needed in Washington. One major ...

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    • Social Security Being Garnished for Unpaid Federal Student Loans?

      If you think your social security cannot be garnished because of student loans think again! If your federal student loans are in default, a portion of ...

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      October 2017 is upon us. You have paid your 120 payments and you are excited because, in October 2017, your student loans will be forgiven. Or will ...

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    • Student Loan Relief May Finally Be On The Horizon

      Student loan relief may finally be on the horizon for student loan borrowers whose loans are held in Trust with National Collegiate. The illegal ...

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