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What's hurting your credit more than bankruptcy?

There are myths that a bankruptcy filing will ruin your credit score. However, this is not the case. In reality, bankruptcy is a way to clean up your credit.

If you are having credit issues, your credit score is most likely impaired already. Bankruptcy can actually help improve your score. At Seymour and Associates, we have seen many scores actually increase after a bankruptcy filing.

However, there are things on your credit report that stay on the report longer than a bankruptcy and could be hurting your credit. Seymour and Associates can help rebuild your report, even if you don’t want to file bankruptcy.

How to Clean Up Your Credit Report

Cleaning up your report is the first step in trying to raising your FICO score. Seymour and Associates has some tips for helping you get your report looking better than ever.

  • Clean up the multiple variations of your name - Similar names could cause issues with your credit. Your information could merge with those with similar names as you. You should narrow it down to one name, your current legal name.
  • Only show your most current address - If you share the same address as someone before, this data could have been combined together and be reporting wrong on your credit.
  • Dispute anything that is not your debt - You can also dispute things such as the wrong amount showing or the incorrect date of your last activity on the account.

All the items above, can affect your credit in a negative way. It is important not only pull a credit report once a year to see who is reporting, but also to clean up the areas that could cause more harm than any negative accounts, foreclosures and/or bankruptcies could be causing.

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