Disputing your Credit Report

If you have recently disputed items on your credit report and don’t know what to do next, let Seymour & Associates, guide you through the next steps. By law the credit bureau has 30 days to review and respond to your dispute. If the dispute is on a free online credit report, the response can take about 15 day longer. However, all responses will be in writing.

Once you receive your repose, it will list each dispute along with one of three results from their analysis. These results include Item Verified, Item Updated or Item Removed. Item Verified meaning they were able to verify the information reporting is correct. Item Updated meaning they updated the item on your credit report. Item Removed means the credit bureau fond in favor of your dispute and removed the item from your report.

If after 30 days, you have not received a response, send a follow up letter.  Credit Bureaus by law have 30 days to respond, if they fail to do so, then they are in violation of the law. At this point, you should in your letter, demand the credit bureau remove the item you are disputing. Should the response to your letter take any longer than another 30 days, you can report the credit bureau to the Federal Trade Commission.

Whatever the outcome of the report, you should keep pursing the results you are looking for by disputing any items on the report that you do not agree with. If the first dispute does not go through, keep disputing. Do not give up until you receive the results you want!