Current Clients

Please use the forms on the drop down tab for any changes or certain information pertaining to your case. 

If you need to change your address, phone number, or employment, please send a detailed message to Mr. Bryant.

The National Data Center provides Chapter 13 bankruptcy data to debtors, attorneys and creditors.  Click here for information about the National Data Center.  Click here to request a login and password for new users.  By requesting this login and password, you will be able to view pay schedules and payments received.

If you would like to discuss your options such as converting your case, having your payment lowered, etc., please click here.  This is a list of the items required to discuss options as well as the process.

If you have scheduled a free consultation with our Augusta, GA office, please fill out the intake form found here.  Completing this in advance will allow the attorney more time to discuss your situation.  You can print this form out when completed and bring with you.  The other option is to email it to one of the Legal Assistants just by clicking that link.  It will automatically bring you to an email page where you will attach the form and send.  We will take care of the rest.  Please note that by filling out the form, you are giving us permission to pull a credit report and/or a personal record search.

Please understand that all creditors and all debts must be listed in a bankruptcy.  We can not pick and choose who is listed.  You must include each and every debt you have when you file.