Filing for Bankruptcy Can Stop Wage Garnishments

Put A Stop To Wage Garnishments When You File For Bankruptcy
Garnishments hurt.  If a creditor is taking 25% of your net pay or your bank has seized all of your money, you are already aware that a garnishment can change your way of life overnight.

As an Augusta, Georgia, lawyer we know how to stop garnishments.  By filing a bankruptcy case, we can usually get an order to stop the garnishment of your wages or bank account withing about 24 hours of filing your bankruptcy case.  A copy of the stop garnishment order is then provided to your employer or your bank or other financial institution.  Your employer, bank or other financial institution will then stop the garnishing your wages and/or account.

Many people in Augusta, Evans, Martinez and all over the CSRA fail to take action to stop their garnishments.  They incorrectly believe that once a garnishment has started they cannot stop it.  That is simply not true.  As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, I can tell you that I CAN and DO stop garnishments on a regular basis. This includes garnishments or levies from IRS and the Georgia Department of Revenue in addition to ordinary judgment creditors.

There are some categories of income that cannot be garnished.  One example is social security income.  By law your social security cannot be garnished.  This remains true even if your social security income is deposited in a bank.  However, just because a creditor cannot garnish your income does not mean that you can ignore the judgment.  You definitely need a free bankruptcy consultation to determine how to eliminate the judgment that was filed against you.

If you have questions about how bankruptcy can help you stop garnishments, give our bankruptcy office a call today at (706) 872-7117.  We offer a FREE consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.  We CAN stop your garnishment!