Augusta Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help With Asset Protection

Do you think only the rich need asset protection?  THINK AGAIN! You don’t have to have a million dollar home or a six figure income to need protection.  Anything you call your own – from your home to your car to your money deserves the same degree attention and protection as those individuals with multimillion dollar bank accounts.

Creditors are skilled at finding your assets and taking any action necessary to liquidate your assets to pay your debt.  You probably are familiar with some actions the creditors can take.  For example, if you do not pay your mortgage, your home is subject to foreclosure.  If you fail to pay your car payment, the car will be repossessed.  In Georgia, a judgment creditor can take 25% of your net wages in a garnishment proceeding.  But, did you know that if the judgment creditor garnishes your bank account, the creditor will not take 25% from the bank account – the creditor will take EVERYTHING that is in your account.  Also, if your name is on an elderly parent’s account or an account for child, that account will also be garnished.

Garnishments can be stopped once they are started.  So, please do not continue to suffer through a garnishment. While you may not get any of the money that was taken back, you certainly do not need to continue to allow the creditor to garnish your wages, your bank account or even your tax refund.  If you have been served with a lawsuit or have been threatened with one, do not delay!  You need to get help immediately before your assets are taken.

Protection of your assets is readily available to you! All you have to do is pick up the phone and call the Law Firm of Seymour and Associates at (706) 872-7117.   Schedule your free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney today.