Checks and Balances

Gathering Your Taxes to Prepare for a Bankruptcy Filing

For all individuals who file bankruptcy in Augusta, the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees require the most recent tax return to be presented at the 341 Meeting. For most people, this will be your 2011 tax returns, and you will need to bring both Federal and State returns to your attorney before your case is filed.

What if I can’t find my tax returns

If you can’t find your tax returns, don’t worry. There are two options you can take for satisfying this criteria set by the Augusta Bankruptcy Trustee.

Ask your tax preparer- the easy way. Since your tax preparer will have a copy of the tax return he/she filed on your behalf, you can easily obtain one by contacting the individual or company who prepared your returns and asking for a copy.
Recreate them- the not-so-easy way. For people who cannot find their most recent tax returns and who cannot obtain a copy from their tax preparer, you can recreate your tax returns by acquiring the necessary forms (see below) and filling out the relevant fields on both the Federal and State returns. *Please note, you do not need to file these tax returns again if they have already been filed. You just need to recreate them by filling in the information.

Federal tax forms

State of Georgia tax forms

South Carolina tax forms

What if I haven’t filed tax returns in a while?

Were you required to file tax returns? If not, then don’t worry, just bring the other items to your consultation. If you were required to file your tax returns but have not, you will need to bring your tax returns current by filing the forms for the missing years (see the links above) and then bringing the most current tax returns to our office at the time of your consultation.