Top Southeast Lawyers for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Seymour & Associates, P.C. has an experienced team of bankruptcy law professionals who focus on just that: bankruptcy. We help Georgia residents figure out if they qualify and then guide them through the entire process for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Student LoansStudent Loans

We are student loan lawyers offering non-bankruptcy solutions for your student loan debt.  We can analyze your loans and provide you with the knowledge and tools to understand and take control of your student loan debt.   We can even recertify your loans on an annual basis and make sure you are in the correct forgiveness program

Chapter 7 BankruptcyChapter 7 Bankruptcy

When the bills keep piling up and the debt collectors won't leave you alone, it's time to take action. You should not let yourself drown in debt, and filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be just what you need to get a second chance at living a debt-free life.

Chapter 13 BankruptcyChapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you have a reliable source of income that’s not quite enough to pay off your overwhelming debts, Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be a good option for you and your family. When you file Chapter 13, your debts are broken down into an affordable payment plan that is spread out over three to five years. In the end, the remaining amount is discharged. Call today for a free consultation to find out if you qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Augusta.