Q: Declare bankruptcy: I live in Florida and I have over $30,000 in Student loan debt. I made arrangements to pay $5/mo because that's all I can afford and I figure it's something. I am a single mother of 3 and working, but I am living paycheck to paycheck. Should I declare bankruptcy and how will it affect my future?

If you have other debt that you are having difficulty paying, bankruptcy could be an option for that debt. While not impossible, discharging student loans in bankruptcy can be difficult and expensive. If the only debt you are worried about is federal student loan debt, I would try to find a non-bankruptcy solution. There are many income-based repayment plans that may be helpful. Also, depending upon where you are employed, you may qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness which could potentially eliminate your student loan debt in ten (10) years tax-free. Just know most, if not all, of the "forgiveness" programs, require a borrower to be making payments on the loans (income-driven) and you must have the "right" type of loans. Space in the Q&A section just really doesn't allow the attorneys to give you a great deal of information and without being able to ask you some pertinent questions, your best bet is to find an attorney in your area that practices student loan law and, if you have other debt, bankruptcy law. Many will offer a free consultation.  Good luck!
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