Can I rent an apartment or buy a house or vehicle with a bad credit score?

The easy answer is maybe.  The honest answer is debt is never easy.

A bad credit score might keep a landlord from offering you a lease on an apartment or rental property.  A bad credit score will definitely increase the interest rate offered on a mortgage, if you even qualify for a mortgage at all.  Lastly, a bad credit score WILL hurt your ability to get a low priced auto loan and may even keep you from lowering your insurance rate.

Lets say you do get a home or apartment.  You will need electricity and a phone.  The utility company and phone company could force you to pay a deposit to turn on the electricity or phone if your credit score is bad.

I recently wrote a blog on this same topic which goes a little deeper into this question.  Like I said at the beginning of this answer, debt is not easy.  Let us help.


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